Powerful land grading / land forming software for agriculture. Low price and no ongoing per acre fee’s.

Survey Simplified

Collect the field elevations using the method that suits you best. Ezigrade will work with elevations on a grid, or random elevations.

Pickup data using Ditch Assist, Trimble Field Level 2, AMW (Geologic), Farmscan, Lidar via drones etc.

Import directly from other packages using Esri shape file, csv, multiplane, dwg and others.

Alternatively pick up the data directly using the Ezigrade inbuilt GPS functions.

Section Design made Easy

If you have a job that contains a single section; then there is nothing else to do. You can go straight to grading.Easily split your job into logical sections. Simply click and move. Set parameters for each section.

Grade for Drainage

Specify the cut/fill compaction ratio to suit the soil properties for each section.

You can set the required slopes in one or both directions to ensure consistent water flow, whether from irrigation or rain.

The total amounts of cut and fill, and the elevations of each of the points are updated instantly as you change the design to suit the local requirements.

With the press of a button, Ezigrade will apply the latest software techniques to determine either:

  • Plane of best fit
  • Plane of best fit with hinges
  • Constrained grade of best fit
  • Constrained grade – water flows to the edge
  • solutions containing planes and constrained grade’s.
Plane of best fit.
Two hinged planes of best fit.
Constrained grade of best fit.
Allway grading – water always flows to the edge.
Design using constrained as well as plane sections. In this example we have a small section to lead water onto the field. At the bottom we collect the water and feed it to the right.

Surface Drain

Sketch in a drain alignment.

Design a profile along the drain either manually or using our best fit algorithm.

drain bottom in black.

Design a section through the drain.

Specify whether a V or Box drain, whether we have additional bank and daylight batters.

Visually check our design fits our surface correctly. If everything is good merge the design, create a tinnable surface and upload the design to our tractor to enact the design.

Contour Bank:

A contour bank is used to break up the field to reduce the length of water run-off. This reduces the maximum velocity and helps reduce erosion. Simply click on the screen to set start position. Enter direction and the grade of the bank.

Fill in the dialog and press OK. Appropriate contour bank is created.

Contour Bank Network:

Ezigrade contains an option to specify an alignment and a number of optional stop alignment. You can then autocreate a whole network of contour banks. Run the routine, create a tinnable surface and export directly to your hardware of choice.

Set distances or height along the alignment, add optional red stop banks. Run the option and create output.

Grading Hardware Compatible

Ezigrade is compatible with a number of grading hardware solutions. They include:

  • Level Guide and Farmscan.
  • Trimble™ Field Level 11 (FMX and TMX).
  • Topcon™ Civil.
  • Geologic (AMW)
  • Ditch Assist.
  • Smart Level.
  • Innograde.
  • Other systems via landxml and dxf/dwg.
  • Lidar data via drone – for example 3DC Sensefly Ebee RTK Drone.
  • Ezigrade can also interface directly with your RTK GPS and pickup data directly from NMEA data.

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